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About Us

Behind SONDA Internacional is a team of journalists specialised in international news. We hope that more professionals will join the team over time. In the meantime, we present the founders who are working to get the project off the ground:

  • Santi Palacios

    Editor in Chief | Photojournalist

    Photojournalist specialising in migration, conflict and human ecology. A trained sociologist, his work has taken him to more than fifty countries. He has been published in leading newspapers and magazines, and he has had exhibits in dozens of cities, receiving numerous national and international awards, including the World Press Photo and Spain’s National Photojournalism Award two years running, among many others.

  • Mikel Konate


    Freelance videojournalist focusing on migration, conflicts and climate crisis, his work has been featured by major media outlets and he has collaborated in numerous documentaries related to these issues. He has been recognised internationally with the Rory Peck Trust Award for his coverage in the central Mediterranean, again becoming a finalist the following year for his coverage in northern Syria. In recent years he has worked as director of photography on several documentaries for international media.

  • Maribel Izcue


    A journalist, she has spent most of her career in Asia, where she worked for a decade in the Philippines, India and Japan as a correspondent for the Efe Agency. From the Tokyo delegation, which she headed from June 2011 until her return to Spain in 2013, she covered the aftermath of the tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear crisis. She is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Revista 5W.

  • Simón Casal

    Screenwriter and director

    Simón Casal is a screenwriter and director. He works in fiction and on historical, scientific, and political documentaries. His work has been shown at commercial cinemas in Spain, and also at international festivals in Europe, America and Asia. His films have received such awards as the Grand Jury Prize at the WorldFest Houston, in addition to awards for Best Documentary and Best Director at specialized film festivals like FICAB and the AI International Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. His productions have been shown on television and streaming platforms such as Netflix, TVE, TVG, TV3 and CanalSur, among others.

  • Jorge Usar Cofundador de Sonda Internacional.

    Jorge Usar

    Graphic designer and illustrator

    Graphic designer and illustrator with 20 years of experience in different fields of the sector. Most of his projects are closely linked to human rights and the common good.
    Since 2014, he has been directing Taller Bohemia, specialising in silkscreen printing, from the social and cultural centre: La Palanca, which he has coordinated as part of a team since 2018.

  • Pablo Tosco Cofundador de Sonda Internacional.

    Pablo Tosco

    Photo-video journalist

    Pablo Tosco is an Argentinian photo-video journalist who has focused his work on the impact of armed conflict, climate change and inequality in the lives of most vulnerable communities. The accounts of people whose stories were silenced bring to light the issues of inequality and injustice—aiming to raise awareness that can lead to social transformation.

  • Lily Mayers - Periodista Sonda Internacional

    Lily Mayers


    Lily Mayers is a multi-platform journalist who has spent most of her career working in daily news for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney. There she covered crime, politics and major environmental disasters including the 2019 New South Wales bush fire emergency. Since moving to Spain in 2020 her work has focused on long-form coverage of Spanish and European news and current affairs. She is co-host and co-creator of La Portada Podcast.