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SONDA Internacional is an independent, non-profit media organisation specialising in visual journalism on the climate crisis.

We do in-depth journalism, because in a world where events are happening at a dizzying pace, seeing and reflecting is essential to understanding, being aware and reacting.

We work internationally, producing images that show the world we live in, and we develop stories that help to understand how we interact with our surroundings in order to understand the causes and consequences of the climate crisis through journalism, photography and video documentaries.

We study what lies behind these images and use research as a tool to generate knowledge about lesser-known aspects of human ecology.

We explore specific places and contexts, in order to provide comparisons and evidence that show the transformations caused by human action over time.

We also look at solutions that are already working to mitigate the crisis; spreading the word about how people are responding to problems, and sharing success stories is essential to building a global response.


SONDA Internacional is a non-profit project: quality journalism is a public service that requires time and financial resources, but nowadays it is extremely difficult to turn it into a profitable business that can finance the costs involved in this work. That is why SONDA seeks to fund itself through donations, in order to maintain its independence, all while having the capacity to develop in-depth, on-the-ground international journalism.

We work in Spanish, since the SONDA project was founded in Spain but also because, in the Spanish-speaking world (made up of nearly 500 million people), there are no media outlets with the capacity to finance the cost of this type of journalism. Some publications will be translated into English so we can share this knowledge with the non-Spanish speaking community.

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We are currently working on setting up the project and doing our first work on the ground, and for this we need help. If you’d like to support visual journalism on the climate crisis, you can make a donation here.

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